Re-Imagine Ending Hunger


You know how complicated hunger can be. Food security is rooted in your health, your housing, your transportation, your income. The solutions must also be rooted in you. Rooted In You has the vision that together, we can tear down the barriers to meet customers where they are. A vision that re-imagines ending hunger by addressing its root causes; health, education, affordable housing, transportation, childcare and living wages.

Mid-Ohio Market at HEART is featured throughout the Rooted In You video from Mid-Ohio Food Collective. Included is the story of HEART long-time volunteer, Jason Messick as he shares his roller coaster story that resulted in a blessing to HEART’s cause. Jason’s story begins at the 19:10 minute mark.

HEART, in an enhanced partnership with the Mid-Ohio Food Collective, is working to connect neighbors with resources. HEART distributed 2.8 million meals from the beginning of COVID to Mar 31, 2021. We continue to evolve; building capacity, systems and connections to tear down barriers with the vision of creating a community where everyone flourishes.

Join Us in deploying new strategies to end hunger in our community.

Volunteer at HEART

Donate through HEART

Donate through Mid-Ohio Food Collective

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