Nourishing Neighbors to Flourish is Dear to My Heart

We love because someone else loved us first.

Meet Jenae Parker: Mom, Caregiver, Student, Volunteer, & Neighbor.

The following is Jenae's speech given during HEART's Grand Opening on Dec 17, 2019.

"My name is Jenae Parker and I was introduced to HEART in 2012 when my mother, she fell ill, and she was a neighbor here at HEART. She suffered from complications from diabetes. During that time I started as a shopper in a service capacity while attending community college.

A year later my mother would pass away and I would visit HEART, but this time as a neighbor in need myself. Do to her passing, I took in my two teenage brothers and I was also raising my own 3 year old daughter at the time. HEART was an answer to how I would now feed a family of four especially with two growing teenage boys. Some of you would understand when my mom would say they literally ate her out of house and home.

HEART also connected me to various community resources that would provide furniture for my household and warm clothing during Ohio's cold winter months. This concept of "Nourishing Neighbors to Flourish" is dear to my heart. Without HEART, I would still be stuck on the treadmill to nowhere as I felt back in 2012 throughout 2016ish. Without individuals like Sue Ellen Miller and Margaret Messick, I would still be in a dark place. HEART fed my family, removed my worries during such a dark time in my life.

I'm proud to say I graduated from Columbus State Community College last December. I am now attending Franklin University continuing my bachelor degree in Human Resource Management. And I aspire to attend Capital University Law School where I plan to study employment law. I would like to thank Mid-Ohio Market at HEART for feeding our neighbors, helping them flourish and giving individuals like myself opportunities like myself to flourish and pay it forward. Thank you."

We love because someone else loved us first. When we connect through HEART to Nourish Neighbors to Flourish, we may never know the impact of the time we share with our neighbors …but it does not mean there is no impact.

Connect through HEART...Make a difference in the life of a neighbor


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