Nourish to Flourish November, 2019

The heartbreaking reality . . .

Food Insecurity is prevalent in our Community.

3 out of 10 individuals in Franklin County, including 58% of Reynoldsburg City School

students live in “food insecure homes”. That phrase means those households don’t

have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life.

It's time we Nourish Neighbors to Flourish

HEART Food Pantry closed on October 26. On November 5th, Mid-Ohio Market at HEART, opened, providing more healthy nutritious food to more hungry neighbors in our community. This was accomplish by moving to a larger space, adding more open hours, providing more fresh food to choose, and eliminating appointments. Neighbors can shop one a week, instead of once per month.

HEART just completed our first month as a Market and the results are in...

HEART served 2424 families that included 5019 un-duplicated individuals in November, 4 times more compared to November, 2018. And, we signed up 773 new families.

Get involved: Help provide more nutritious food to hungry neighbors.


12 days a month,

12 days a quarter or

12 days a year


$12 per day

$12 per week

$12 per month

Other ___

Pray for HEART's cause:

Nourishing Our Neighbors to Flourish

Share HEART's cause with 12 friends

for more information go to Get Involved

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

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