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"I work full time, I just don’t make enough money, unfortunately, and I have some medical issues, so, in order to make ends meet, I kind of have to have a little bit of help," Gaines said. "If you’ve got $50 for the whole month, and you’re like, well, I need gas, and I also need food, what do you do, you know. But now, at least I can eat." - MOM@HEART Shopper Kelly Gaines

"New Reynoldsburg Food Market Concept Sees Surge In Visitors" - WBNS 10TV story link

"Before, you would come to a pantry and the connotation was, I’m going to give you whatever we have, and now it’s a matter of, come and shop for your family and what they will enjoy. It’s no longer just about giving food, it’s what the value of that food is, the nutritional value, and how it really blesses a family."

-Cheryl Wooten, HEART Executive Director

WBNS 10TV offered Mid-Ohio Market at HEART's story on our new market concept serving food insecure families through an enhanced partnership between HEART Food Pantry and Mid-Ohio Foodbank, as a holistic, customer centric market. MOM@HEART opened November 5, 2019.

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