Healthy Food Matters

Source: Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health

It turns out that an apple a day is part of a simple healthy diet. We learned all about healthy eating in elementary school. What happened? Healthy home cooked meals were replaced by convenience and temptation. Increased food portions, processed food, and tantalizing sweets full of empty calories have expanded our waistbands.

Harvard created their Healthy Eating Plate to offer a simple guide. It points out a diet that includes fresh fruits & vegetables, a variety of whole grains, and healthy protein while drinking plenty of water, unsweet tea or unsweet coffee is the core to healthy eating. Add-in exercise such as walking and you have a plan that may lead to improved health outcomes and mitigate healthcare costs.

The next time you are hungry, instead of eating a Snickers bar, pick up an apple and a glass of water.

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