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An apple a day keeps the doctor away

was first recorded 150 years ago in a Welsh magazine. The proverb implies that eating a daily apple keeps us healthy, requiring fewer trips to the doctor. But is it true? Yes, research supports that daily apple eaters are healthier than people who do not eat a daily apple.

Apples contain; Pectin to lower blood pressure & glucose levels, Vitamin C to boost the immune system & Fiber to improve digestive health.

Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Most of us learned at a young age about eating a balanced diet based on the Food Pyramid or MyPlate. Harvard created a detailed Healthy Eating Plate highlighting that half of our meals should be rich in apples, broccoli or other fruits and vegetables. The Healthy Eating Plate reminds us it is part of a holistic healthy living strategy: use portion control, drink plenty of water, stay active and always use sunscreen.

A healthy diet along with staying active leads to

a low cost, high value healthy living strategy.

The Challenge

Eating a healthy balanced diet can be challenging for all. Daily we are bombarded by messages from competition for our stomachs by distributors of food offering less healthy alternatives: tasty, convenient food that is high in sugar, sodium, and/or fat. Watching the Snickers Bar commercial would make you believe that a candy bar is a nutritious dietary choice.

Families struggling with food insecurity often choose between paying the rent and buying groceries. 80% of Mid-Ohio Foodbank customers don't purchase fresh produce because of the cost is too high. Instead, they select less expensive, highly processed food that is less healthy.

A poor diet may lead to health problems including obesity or diabetes. 1 in 3 Ohioans struggle with obesity. 1 in 7-1/2 adult Ohioans struggle with diabetes.

HEART is partnering with Mid-Ohio Foodbank to offer more fresh produce to our food insecure neighbors. In addition, we are partnering with Mt. Carmel to offer healthy living workshops.

Mark your calendar: the next Mt. Carmel Wellness Cooking Demo Workshop is September 23. More information to follow.

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